About us

We help people and animals in Thailand and trying suffering and costs through our personal commitment and our help to mitigate the spot!

2012 Help Center Thailand was founded because we realized the need for assistance and care in Thailand.
Often it was only because of the language barrier and the resulting misunderstandings.

Since 2016, we may say that we have taught the experience of recent years, the assistance as we offer are safe to use, because they are life saving part and the various ways are possible only locally and with voice / local knowledge.

So we continue to make to give assistance to people in need the chance of a prosperous life and thus save them money (dues).

Our main focus is on further expanding our know-how and our contacts, partners and services, highest ever spot where help is desired to provide aid, together with our partners / contacts quickly and easily.


Our Websites are Mobil friendly

Our Websites are Mobil friendly